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Release of Liability



Client’s Printed Name

•I am willing to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, hypnosis, and/or stress reduction techniques.

•I am aware these modalities are non-medical in nature and it is my responsibility to consult my regular doctor about any changes in my condition or changes in my medication

•I understand the above modalities are not substitutes for regular medical care and I have been advised to consult my regular medical doctor or health-care practitioner for treatment of any old, new or existing medical conditions

•I understand that change is my own and complete responsibility.

•I understand that ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING and that Daisy Arias is only a “facilitator” in the process of helping me to solve my own problem(s).

•It is my responsibility to be open and honest, provide accurate feedback and be forthcoming with details and information that may help me achieve my outcomes.

•If I am undergoing hypnosis or visualization, I understand I may be assigned “homework” or be asked to make changes to my life by my "higher self" in regards to completing or solidifying any healing or changes begun in our Quantum Healing session today.

•I understand that this information and advice for change comes not from the facilitator, but from my own higher being, spirit guides, or soul group.

• I understand that Daisy Arias may elect NOT to proceed with the session if she feels it is not in her or in her client’s best interest to do so.

•Daisy Arias takes NO FEE for a declined session and is NOT liable for travel costs (airline, hotel, etc.) associated with declining a session. Any pre-payments will be returned.

•I am free to record my session if desired and I release Daisy Arias and the location of such recording from any electronic interference, storage, or archiving of the recording.

•I or my representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless Daisy Arias, Esoteric Vibes, and the location of the session and/or consultation from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my sessions.

•I understand that my name and personal information will be kept completely confidential and I may share my recording and information in the future in any way that I am personally comfortable.

•I understand that often in intuitive or quantum healing sessions, universal information is provided through the client to benefit all of humanity. I agree to allow Daisy Arias to share this information and any accompanying story summary either on written form in blogs or books as long as my name and all personal and relevant details are omitted or changed to protect my identity.




Date of Consent 

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