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It is believed that Qi (Chi) is life energy, and its flow in the body depends on your thoughts, intentions, and choices you make.  Add the environment and the bodys's reaction to these, and you have created the recipe for the  balance of qi (energy) and how it flows in your body (both etheral body and the physical body).  The flow of various kinds of qi and fluids, foods, injury, physical suffering, negative thoughts, living in the past, and heavy emotions  cause a qi deficiency creating an imbalance at every aspect where the Qi becomes stagnet in specifica areas of the physical body.    The Yin and Yang symbol reminds us to stay in balance,  to make it a goal to keep our emotions, thoughts, and actions in sync with our environment, relationships, and intake.   


This pendant and chain come in a suspension gift box.  Co-ed friendly.


I T E M • D E T A I L S :

•• Size: 1.18in (3cm)

•• Length: 23in (58cm)

•• Black pendant & chain



Yin Yang Qi Pendant & Necklace

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