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Lillith:   The Sound of Source shall be the title of this artwork.   You shall relief the symbols of these wave sounds as they are perfectly synchronized sound waves that rippled through the cosmos as Source breathed and wondered.   I am Lilith.   To you I am our sister, our inner you, a friend.   We witnessed these articulated creations of birthing and yes, these energies birthed their rights of existence into the Cosmos of Creation:


Channel: I was shown multiple “clouds”, rainbow clouds which each had a sound, they breathed and emitted waves like sound, a vibration I was able to feel within because as the vibrations moved, so were the formations of shapes like electrical sounds that became alive to form geometric shapes and forms, all different yet unified.   The sounds reverberated these vibrations:

Maa- (mahhhhh) (Rebirth),

Saa-(infinite source of universe),

AH (hhhh)-(Manifestation and balancing of the Crown Chakra)

Sol- (the o sound carries long) (The sound of light, reclamation of the light within 741 Hz),

Toth (toththth)-increases awareness and activates 3rd eye 44 x


Archangel Raphael:  These are the symbols to activate your painting.  This explains in Kundalini fire-breath these sound are exhumed from the belly