۞ Gemstone Benefits & Healing Properties ۞ 


R A I N B O W • A U R A • Q   U   A   R   T   Z :
•• Gold and titanium are bonded to quartz to create a dark rainbow irridescence
•• activates all energy centers and brings the body into balance
•• fosters zest for life and allows life force to manifest multi-dimensionally
•• great for dysfunctional relationships, highlights projections
•• releases negative emotions
•• brings deep insights into relationships and releases karmic ties


L E P I D O L I T E :
•• dissipates negativity 
•• a stone of transition
•• brings reconciliation
•• activates and opens all chakras, enhances cosmic awareness
•• accesses Akashic Records
•• removes and restructures behavioral patterns no longer serving
•• encourages independence and achievement of goals
•• aids in decision-making and filtering out distractions
•• excellent for emotional and mental dependency
•• helpful in stabilizing mood swings


H E M A T I T E :
•• a grounding stone
•• enhances personal magnetism, self-esteem
•• heals anger and hurt 
•• supports present karmic battles
•• harmonizes mind, body, and spirit 
•• accesses the subconscious mind
•• protects the soul, guides it back into the body
•• balances meridians 
•• dissolves negativity and protects the aura
•• enhances survival ability and will-power 
•• aids in memory recall


S N O W • Q U A R T Z :
•• assists with letting go of overwhelming responsibilities
•• supports while learning lessons 
•• enhances tact and diplomacy
•• helps to overcome victim consciousness
•• links one to deep inner wisdom


Please Note: Metaphysical healing properties are listed for informational purposes only.

Hematite Circles

  • ۞ Item Details ۞ 

    Pricing in listing is for the set: one stainless steel necklace with pendant and one beaded bracelet. 

    •• Silver Titanium Quartz pendant
    •• 17 inch (43cm) stainless steel necklace
    •• Bracelet 7 inches (17.8cm)
    •• 10mm (0.39 inch) Hematite loops
    •• 8mm (0.31 inch) natural Lepidolite, Snow Quartz, and Hematite rondelle gemstones, and pink luster faceted glass beads
    •• 6mm (0.23 inch) pink luster Czech glass beads
    •• nickle free toggle clasp  
    •• .5 beading wire

    Please Note: due to color settings of cell phones and computer monitors, the colors of the actual items may be slightly different. However, the jewelry set shown is the one you will receive.

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