۞ Gemstone Benefits & Healing Properties ۞ 


S O D A L I T E : 
•• opens one to spiritual perception
•• harmonizes the third-eye and deepens meditation
•• encourages discernment
•• attracts emotional balance, transforming defensive and overly-sensitive personalities
•• releases rigid and mental conditioning 
•• encourages inner integrity and standing up for beliefs
•• stimulates trust and encourages interdependence
•• assists in releasing fears and integrating shadow qualities 
•• clears electromagnetic pollution
•• excellent for self-acceptance and self-trust, clearing mental confusion and instilling rational thought


S N O W • Q U A R T Z :
•• assists with letting go of overwhelming responsibilities
•• supports while learning lessons 
•• enhances tact and diplomacy
•• helps to overcome victim consciousness
•• links one to deep inner wisdom


O N Y X :
•• protective stone
•• assists with making wise decisions
•• banishes old habits and helps to overcome fears
•• facilitates being master of your own destiny
•• imparts self-control and balances yin-yang energies
•• useful in relationships that need stabilizing or letting go of those that no longer serve
•• excellent for past life work and healing
•• encourages self-confidence and centering


Please Note: Metaphysical healing properties are listed for informational purposes only.

Dream. Believe. Bracelet Set

  • ۞ Item Details ۞ 

    Pricing in listing is for two single strand bracelets. 

    •• Bracelet 7 inches (17.8cm)
    •• Dream & Believe word charms
    •• 8mm (0.31 inch) Sodalite, faceted Snow Quartz, and Onyx gemstone beads 
    •• 6mm (0.23 inch) silver and blue luster faceted Czech glass
    •• Tibetan spacers 
    •• 1 mm clear stretch cord

    Please Note: due to color settings of cell phones and computer monitors, the colors of the actual items may be slightly different. However, the bracelets shown are the one you will receive.

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