۞ Gemstone Benefits & Healing Properties ۞ 


G R E E N • A V E N T U R I N E :
•• all-around healer and harmonizer 
•• prosperity stone, great for establishing happiness 
•• encourages leadership and decisiveness
•• facilitates compassion and empathy
•• balances yin-yang energy 
•• unifies intellectual and emotional bodies 
•• helps one recognize possibilities 
•• stabilizes the mind and enables emotional recovery
•• guards against metaphysical vampirism
•• absorbs electromagnetic smog


H O W L I T E : 
•• promotes positive character traits and selflessness
•• encourages your true self and deep inner knowing
•• absorbs anger directed towards you
•• formulates ambitions and helps to achieve them 
•• facilitates calm communication and patience
•• balances turbulent emotions and rage
•• attunes and prepares the mind to receive spiritual wisdom
•• enhances out-of-body experiences  
•• assists memory recall and accessing past lives


B L U E • J A S P E R :
•• facilitates astral journeying 
•• balances yin-yang energy and stabilizes the aura 
•• supports during times of stress and conflict
•• great for dream recall 
•• provides protection 
•• absorbs negative energy 
•• aligns physical, emotional, and mental bodies 
•• encourages honest self-talk 
•• imparts determination and quick-thinking 
•• promotes organizational abilities 
•• stimulates imagination 
•• transforms ideas into action


Please Note: Metaphysical healing properties are listed for informational purposes only.

Tree of Life Aventurine

  • ۞ Item Details ۞ 

    Pricing in listing is for the set: one stainless steel necklace with pendant and one beaded bracelet.  

    •• Green Aventurine pendant
    •• 20 inch (50cm) stainless steel rope necklace
    •• Bracelet 7 inches (17.8cm)
    •• Tree of Life charm
    •• 8mm (0.31 inch) Green Aventurine, Howlite, Natural Sea Sediment Blue Jasper gemstones 
    •• 6mm (0.23 inch) green and green luster faceted Czech glass 
    •• silver-plated Tibetan bead caps 
    •• 1 mm strong clear stretch cord

    Please Note: due to color settings of cell phones and computer monitors, the colors of the actual items may be slightly different. However, the items shown are the ones you will receive.

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