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“Welcome…… Surprised I see. You know who I am. I am Archangel Gabriel for the one reading this divine message in this now moment. I am currently the Higher Self of  (client name withheld). You have invoked with much eloquence and preciseness my existence in her current time.


Me: Welcome, my divine brother and sister Gabrielle. You never cease to surprise me with your beauty and clarity. I have been asked to paint the over soul of (withheld). Would you please show me a definitive way to illustrate you for her eyes in this moment and bring about a divine message for her evolution as an earthling currently?


Gabriel:  See the double faces my child?  This is how you must paint us for (name withheld)


Me: I have seen your glory before but never in two faces, may I ask why?


Gabriel: She must understand that everything in existence has two, a double side to expression, a double side of beauty and no beauty. That there has always been different ways to interpret things and all lies within the beholder, within the perception.


Me: Is there some kind of riddle here for all humanity as well?


Gabriel: But for humanity including healers, acceptance of polarities is your struggle. My reference here is of perception, of thought, of expression, and how it all affects judgment, and the capacity to decide.


Me: Will she be able to understand your message Gabriel?


Gabrielle: Ahhhh, and there it is… the question remains: to understand or misunderstand. To choose or not to. Free will….hmmm.... is not a joke nor must it be taken humorously. Free will can be the demise for some  -or not; either way, it is a privilege all beings have.


Me: Gabriel, I love you. But I need your message to be more precise for she will come back not fully understanding.


Gabriel: Do you see the balance I just showed you? The key here is to maintain balance in all she does. Balance to choose and balance to live, balance to maintain things in distribution so she may enjoy the livelihood of why she came to this earth plane.


Me: You mean, enjoy life?


Gabrielle: Long lives tend to go thru various stages repeatedly of lessons just for the sake of reliving.


Me: Gabriel, I do not agree with such. Please clarify me. Don’t we as earthlings live through the lessons until we learn them?


Gabriel: Yes, we have, but some of us, have decided to go back over and over just to relive the experience because they think there was something left without learning.


Me: Are you saying she is stuck as a fractal elsewhere and she needs integration?


Gabriel: No, she has integrated her fractals. Now, she is experiencing life again for all fractals. The platform has changed for all for we have ascended.


Me: Yes, you are right, we have. So again, please explain yourself.


Gabrielle: (Client's name wit