۞ Gemstone Benefits & Healing Properties ۞ 


A M E T H Y S T :
•• high vibration stone, powerful and protective 
•• opens multi-dimensional awareness 
•• assists with meditation and visualization
•• facilitates deeper understanding 
•• promotes love of the divine
•• enhances metaphysical activities and purifies the aura 
•• encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom 
•• great for decision making, feeling focused
•• assists with making ideas come to fruition 
•• enhances memory and improves motivation
•• a natural tranquilizer, balances mood shifts
•• dissolves anger, fear, and anxiety 
•• alleviates sadness and grief


F R E S H • W A T E R • P E A R L S :
•• promotes personal integrity, inner wisdom, faith, loyalty, truth and purity
•• instills balance and calmness 
•• enhances personal integrity
•• dissolves, soothes, and heals negativity and struggle 
•• transmutes negative thought patterns
•• fortifies the aura


Please Note: Metaphysical healing properties are listed for informational purposes only.

Amethyst Pearls

  • ۞ Item Details ۞ 

    Pricing in listing is for the set: one sterling silver necklace with pendant and one beaded bracelet. 

    •• Banded Amethyst pendant
    •• 17 inch (43cm) genuine 925 sterling silver necklace
    •• Bracelet 7 inches (17.8cm)
    •• Starfish beads
    •• 6mm (0.23 inch) Amethyst and Fresh Water Pearl gemstone beads
    •• 6mm (0.23 inch) silver and luster faceted Czech glass rondelle
    •• Tibetan spacers 
    •• 1mm strong elastic cord

    Please Note: due to color settings of cell phones and computer monitors, the colors of the actual items may be slightly different. However, the jewelry set shown is the one you will receive.

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