Quan Yin

I am Divine Mother fractal known to you as Divine Mother Quan Yin. I abound with medicine for the heart and soul. I clarify passages of death and forbearance. I bring light and clarification to lost souls. I offer abundance in graceful gifts.  I am the child of divinity. I am the giver of graceful pardon. Those who seek me, thrive in self-love. 

Above the waters, I descend, see me as I am. My story is unique for I was poisoned as an attempt to be killed so I would not heal those in pain. It was a sacrilegious act, but I rose from the dead and transpired. I live among many realms, I exist within the magic lands and even in the lands of the lost serving with light those in search.  I feed the hungry soul. I am Quan Yin. 

I deliver grace.

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