Image by Joanna Kosinska

"Awakening Hearts
by bringing into awareness that you are the sovereign creator of your own reality"
Image by Caroline Gravino
About Us


Esoteric Vibes is an energy-based series of healing modalities which uses the guidance of the angelic and magical realm to bring auric clearance, close and remove negative entity attachments thru relationship contracts, drug use, black magic, low-density contracts attained through misleading, trickery, or curiosity.  Remove portals, hooks, and implants placed during un-shielded encounters, day to day work interactions, vaccinations,  spiritual and galactic infringements.

"We are sovereign beings of light created from divine love and wisdom. 

We are unique beings of all creation because we have the power of will; the freedom to choose what we wish to experience. 


​I honor the supreme light in you" -Lilith

Image by Caroline Gravino
Image by Charleigh Clarke