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Our Philosophy

We hold true to a philosophy, a way preferred to operate within servitude.  We believe in respect for what you do outside of your healing sessions and we expect the same.  We believe that you are within your own evolution to choose and live by your own beliefs and practices.   Lilith interjects,   "Isn't that how you chose us to begin with?"   We do not operate nor exist within the matrix timelines of insecure haters, imposing controllers, or fear-mongers.   Within your own belief systems, you are free to choose.  Esoteric Vibes holds to a philosophy not a code of ethics. A code of ethics is still ruling and controlling.  


We use invocation prayers and we teach and encourage you to create your own.   If you become a student we encourage you to expand.  Our purpose is to grow out of the controlling fear-based-limited-deceitful and forced belief systems within the netted matrices.  You decide which those are.   We do not claim vain authority over modalities, gifts, powers nor our practices and beliefs.  We own the personal power in our own timelines we choose to create and we expect same of you.


CHI is for ALL because we are energy.  We are the force.  We are the evolved and making the Akash together.  If you choose to learn our modalities, we will not force you to sign a contract or agreement but we could potentially use the information from session extractions for our books, oracle or tarot cards, videos, and other media.  This we openly disclose and claim.  Your anonymity is kept in regard.  We also do not request reviews.   


We are not here to gain popularity, much less compete;  however we are in total gratitude to your loyalty, support, and sharing of ideas so we all expand and move toward higher grounds of evolution.   The key is integration now as we evolve. Duality will exist as Samael once said, and with its polarity and its denser frequencies;  this being said, we leave those that choose to play these roles there.   In Esoteric Vibes,  we can feel your energy coming and we are alerted of ill-intended hearts filled with trouble and uncertainty.  We believe in space shielding and we share that openly.  We offer love to ALL within our cosmos.  We shower the demons with love and we disintegrate the intergalactic entanglements. 


Our goal is to free ourselves from any form of enslavement.  We do not hoard our creations of alchemy because they will simply not work if used with another intention.  We teach you with love and humble hearts.  We are backed by an entire angelic army, deities, and divine expressions because we are the same, incarnated.   We coexist simultaneously.  We honor all forms of our expressions including the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then again, who is judging?   As Lilith says,  "Take that as you please".  You will interpret based on your belief and projection. I conclude, we lovingly will put it where it chooses to be except tied to our individual expression.  


We thank all of you that has made Esoteric Vibes what it has become today.   We also honor those that we lost to their free choice.  We appreciate the mentors and teachers that helped us start off.  We learned, we observed, and then we chose.  We thank you.  We are still students of wisdom in this cosmic journey, and we have chosen to share what we access and own.  "Are you free to choose?" 

Image by Susanna Marsiglia
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