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Akashic Records



The Akash
holds your soul's blueprint of all its lifetimes, timelines, and your spirit's journies

During this reading, you will receive healing messages from the Ascended Masters and Teachers to guide you with the best possible benefit to your situation.  Peek into the realm of past or future lives as you unfold the mystery of your souls' histories.  The Akashic Records hold the records of your soul from your original spirit time from God/Source.  Your records are each decision you ever made to experience life in density, its energy and its recording through every thought, word, emotion and action that every one of your experiences generates;  all that has formed your soul's blueprint for current timelines.


You can ask questions such as, "is there such a thing as destiny?  What more lessons do you have to learn?  Are there such things as lessons? Why did I select my parents?  What benefit will this new career give me?"  Dive into this amazing realm of channeled divine messages from the angelic realm to find your answers..... 

Everything from your soul is recorded in the Akashic Records. Find out about your star system and soul group. Maybe there are specific messages your spirit guides wish to communicate.  You have a spiritual team that guards your records composed of ascended masters and teachers plus your guides and those that may come forth in the session to answer your questions as it may be for your highest good.  They will read your past, future, there is no time. 

The session lasts 1.5 hours.  You present 5 questions and each one is answered through the channeling of specific beings that come through to deliver your answer.  Masters such as Our Lady of Sorrows, Yeshua Ben Joseph, Ganesha, Archangel Zadquiel, Metatron, Archangel Uriel, even Lilith and Archangel Haylel have come thru to clarify situations.

Its a beautiful channeled session just for you.  The session is done via Zoom.

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