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About Esoteric Vibes

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Daisy Arias 5 HR BLACK.png

Certified AURA Hypnosis Facilitator 

(Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy)

Certified RAAH Practitioner 

(Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing)

Quantum Akashic Record Reader

Certified Usui Reiki Master

Lahochi Energy Reiki Practitioner

Spanish Tarot Reader

Clear Conduit RA Collective Channeler, Pleiadian and Andromedan Galactics


Arcturian Light Language Transmitter

Trancendental Visionary Artist

Our Story


Esoteric Vibes is an energy-based series of healing modalities based on quantum energy which uses the guidance of the angelic, galactic, and magical realms to bring auric clearance, chakra balancing/reactivation, portal closure, removal of hooks and implants placed during vaccinations, un-shielded encounters, spiritual and galactic infringements, negative entity attachments, low-density contracts attained through misleading, trickery, or curiosity, black magic or curses. Such is completed with the permission of the client's Higher Self and Guardian Angels.  


We can receive many readings or healings as we desire, however, it is not until we allow that inner voice from within our hearts to actively speak that we truly begin our transformation, healing, and resolution. It begins through the remembrance of our soul. When you connect deeply through the Theta hypnosis/meditation brain-waves of our consciousness to your soul (higher self or oversoul), it activates your heart into knowing that love becomes all, and it is the very life force that runs through the veins of this multi-verse.


Know that you and only you have the power within to accept, deny, control, create, and disappear all circumstances, dis-ease, fears, state of being, and mind around you and within. You are a sovereign being, you create, and you have to power to consent to the situations around you. You are not helpless, you are a divine creator! 


With every thought, deed, and action, you create (or recreate) your actual world.  You decide really what issues you wish to be rid of or you seem to be recreating in a sick recycling.  Only you can determine when to end such habitual sickening and dense manifestations in your reality.


Esoteric Vibes brings you a series of various modalities including Quantum Angelic Hypnosis that will provide a platform for you to integrate fractals of your timelines they became stuck in a past life or time so you can move forward without the trauma.  It clears all infringing energies and even illnesses gained through deceitful vaccinations and food nanoparticles.  You have free will to choose what resonates with your inner truth.  Please visit SERVICES to book a session.

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